I used the basket weave stitch to crochet two squares…

I used the same stitch pattern, same gauge hook, and same yarn.

But the second square is… well, it’s a rectangle.

What did I doooo?

This is an installation I did in Oak St. Hall’s stairwell last week. Honestly, it’s much more powerful in person… I wish the pictures were of a little better quality/angles, but I had a friend take them for me since my camera is kaput. The installation is still up, because it’s going to be kind of an undertaking to get it down… Thank you @oathovoblivion for the use of Slenderma’am, she fits perfectly in my makeshift shower!

The theme of the installation is hair loss. When I was in high school, I stressed out about way too many stupid little things. (Okay, so I still do sometimes.) It used to get so bad that my hair would fall out in clumps. It would stick to the shower walls and clog the drain, and it would cling to my hands and tangle between my fingers when I washed my hair. Thankfully my hair is really thick, so it didn’t show too much! I wanted to create an installation that mimicked how I felt in the shower, powerless, watching my hair wash away.

The hair is all made of yarn, mostly crochet chains but some of it is just loose. I hot glued a shower nozzle to the wall and strung more crochet chains of blue “water” from the nozzle to the wall. I hot glued the yarn to Slenderma’am’s head. There’s also a drain on the floor that everything swirls around and down into. The mannequin’s “hair” is also wrapping down from her head and up from the floor around her waist and leg, beginning to overtake her. One strand is pulling from her head directly down the drain in a taut line.

Anyway, I think it came out pretty cool, and I just wanted to share!